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We are based in Clearwater Florida.Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions, Inc., (GCGA) is a 501(c) (3), non profit organization. We are racing neutral and dedicated to the placement of Retired Racing Greyhounds into qualified, caring and loving homes. It is our mission to educate the public regarding the gentle nature and wonderful temperament of the Greyhound breed.

Racing Greyhounds placed through our program are usually between eighteen months and five years old. These ex-racers are sensitive, intelligent, quiet, clean, good-natured, adaptable dogs who adjust readily to their new home environment. They are eager to please and respond positively to any attention. They provide their new owner with never ending loyalty and never ending affection. They do not require a great deal of space to run, as many people think, but they do need exercise.

Almost all of our Greyhounds come from local racing kennels in central Florida. We will also rescue any Greyhound that is left in a locale shelter. Our first commitment is to former racers, but we would help any Greyhound or Sight hound in need. Any Greyhound adopted out by us is always welcome back if the adopters are no longer able to care for the Greyhound.

Racing Greyhounds spend most of their lives in the company of other dogs, their trainers and handlers. Racing Greyhounds have all the advantage of breeding and training when it comes to being a good pet. Their social ability generally makes them great with other pets. Their temperament makes them wonderful around children and friends. Their intelligence and breed make them perfect house pets. A clean, quiet loving companion, a well-mannered Greyhound could be just the pet for you.

“We currently have a partnership with the Greyhound Advancement Center greyhound and inmate prison training program at the Hardee Correctional Institution.  Together we are able to provide obedience and intermediate level trained greyhounds who are available for adoption as companion dogs, therapy dogs and service dogs.”

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